One modification that I do to all of my cars is to replace the amber bulbs in the parking lights with silver bulbs so that the parking lights and turn signals actually appear white or clear when looking at them, but when activated, they turn amber. It’s a great modification that will give your car a unique appearance, and it’s as easy as changing a light bulb — literally.

First, you need to obtain the right light bulb for the job. For the Dodge Challenger, it’s a 3157 dual circuit replacement bulb. To get that 1970’s, old school, Challenger look, you’ll need to obtain chrome bulbs as the replacement (also called silver bulbs or chrome domes). You can order them here: 3157 Dual Circuit Silver Amber Platinum Bulbs.

There are two type of chrome bulbs. The “platinum bulbs” which are an amber bulb but silver all over and illuminate a little less than a standard 3157 amber bulb. The “chrome dome” bulbs are also amber bulbs but only have the tops in chrome, which allows for better illumination than the platinum series bulbs but do show some hints of amber when installed. You need to decide which is best suited for your personal tastes. The platinum series gives you a total amber delete look to the front of your car, so that’s the bulb I chose personally.

Now that you have obtained the correct replacement bulbs, it’s time to install them. The installation is easy. Simply open your hood, locate where the parking lights are located, then give the bulb socket a light twist and it pops right out. Now you’re ready to replace your bulbs. Be careful when removing and replacing the bulbs, if you drop one, it will most likely fall into the belly pan or cross-member which might make it out of your immediate reach. A large towel to act as a catch basin just in case you drop one would be prudent. All-in-all though, it’s a simple, five minute, plug and play installation.

Let’s see how they look, both before and after.

Before picture. Standard amber bulbs (normal)

Amber Bulb (left) / Chrome Bulb (right) / Stubby Puss (far right)

After picture. Complete amber delete (chrome bulbs)

Parking lights on. Amber (left) / Chrome Bulb (right)

Chrome Bulbs turned on

Chrome Bulbs, all lights on

Standard 3157 Dual Circuit Amber Bulb (left) / 3157 Dual Circuit Chrome Bulb (right)

While the standard amber parking lights do add a modern day menacing look to the Dodge Challenger, a retro styled car such as this can really be taken back to 1970 with the amber delete modification. Enjoy!


If you like this modification, please let us know by posting your comments.

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