As recently reported in our club news section, Kenne Bell Picks WCC Member for New Supercharger Kit for the 5.7L Hemi, here is MrJ’s story:

During the Spring Fest 6 event, I had a conversation with another West Coast Challengers club member (dahboom) about how cool it would be to get one of our cars sponsored. Coincidentally, not too long after that, one of our club members (raVenX) posted a link from a Dodge Challenger enthusiast website on our club’s forum which alerted us all to an announcement by Kenne Bell, that the supercharger giant was looking for a test vehicle for their new supercharger system for the 5.7L Hemi Challenger. Believe it or not, I was very hesitant to inquire about it, but I thought that this might be my lucky break. My conclusion was that if I didn’t choose to accept the offer, that I would be left hanging with the idea of what my car would feel like with a supercharger. So, I submitted my information to Kenne Bell and crossed my fingers hoping that my car would be the one selected.

I was contacted by Kenne Bell the following day and was asked to send them more information about my car for further evaluation. The strange part about this whole process was that Kenne Bell didn’t directly tell me that my car was already selected. I was still anxiously waiting for them to give me the green light. A few days later I get another call, but this time it was good news I was hoping for. I was asked when I would be able to drop my car off. In other words, my car was selected! I dropped it off that same day. I was told it was going to take a minimum of one month, but there wasn’t a definite date. Being very busy at school during the wait helped me keep my mind off of the car. Three months later I was notified that my car was finally ready to be picked up.

I showed up at Kenne Bell’s location in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Once I saw my car sitting in the parking lot with a Kenne Bell sticker across the windshield, I couldn’t do anything but smile. I have seen it on other supercharged cars, but it felt good knowing that it was now my car behind this sticker. I got in my car and took it for a spin with a Kenne Bell representative. The car almost sounds and feels like stock at low RPM’s, but once the RPM’s begin climbing, the well known whine from the Kenne Bell supercharger quickly becomes apparent. The car is now extremely responsive and surprisingly smooth. I was told the car would be a whole different animal — and they weren’t lying! The final dyno numbers were 480 rwhp / 490 rwtq, 565 flywheel hp, 576 flywheel torque! Pretty amazing!

I am extremely happy to be a part of Kenne Bell family and even happier to finally have my car back. Would I recommend a Kenne Bell supercharger to another Dodge Challenger owner? — Absolutely!!

** MrJ’s R/T Challenger was used a the test vehicle for Kenne Bell’s new 5.7L Hemi supercharger kit and the test vehicle used to submit the new supercharger application to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for emissions testing. We are happy to report that the Kenne Bell supercharger setup passed the strict CARB standards with flying colors. Because of this, no one desiring to install a Kenne Bell supercharger need worry anymore of whether or not their car will pass emissions testing after the install. In exchange for the use of his vehicle for testing, MrJ received the Kenne Bell supercharger kit as well as all parts and labor for free.

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