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A good friend of mine invited me to be on his pit crew for their racing weekend at Kingdon Drag Strip. Without a second thought I accepted the invitation and began preparing for the trip to his house located on a wine vineyard in Lodi, CA. Read more …

I wrote this in case someone new to drag racing, like me, trips over it and thinks to themselves, “Gee, maybe I’ll give that a try!” I’ve never thought I’d be drag racing a car. Least of all, a brand new car that is three times more expensive than any car I have ever owned […]

Much to my amazement and joy, I found out that my nephew Gary bought a Dodge Challenger and races it in Arizona where he lives. Having my new 2011 Inaugural Edition 392 Dodge Challenger on order and anxiously waiting delivery, he invited me to spend the weekend with him, all expenses paid, and accompany him […]